to my homepage, which describes in few words my fields of interest and my job. Have a look at the project examples in the menu. The list shows some essential subjects only, because building homepages is not my passion. I'd appreciate any feedback about enhancements. Should there be a chance for a job, well, all the better...

Audioproduction, Videoproduction, Music

Professionally I mainly work independently for outside broadcast (Audio/Video technique) for television production companies. I am also interested in making music, and I'm pleased if work and hobby can be combined.


Hardware and software design, up from the PCB layout to programming. Examples are an LCD Keys and an intercom device over an audio network.

Satellite Transmission, SNG

Here is some information about satellite technique and a program for computation of satellite connections. Workshops about Satellite News Gathering (SNG) with focus on outside broadcast are offered. The course deals with commom aspects as broadcast technique and coding schemes. A practise part deals especially with television transmission.